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Balance Well

Being unsteady on your feet is dangerous when we age, especially as falls are the leading cause of broken hips, however, it's never to late to do something about improving your balance.   


This class is suitable for people that have lost confidence in their ability to stand and walk comfortably and safely.  You may be living alone and worried about a fall, or you might need some help to be more mobile around the house.  Plus studies have shown that the most important test that indicates longevity of life is the ability to get down to the ground and back up again.

What kind of exercises will I do?  


You will do a variety of exercises, some seated, some standing, aimed at strengthening the large muscle groups that help you stand up, walk and balance.  You will learn how to get down to the ground safely and how to get back up if you fall.

Is this class suitable for me?  


Yes.  If you can't get up from your seat without grabbing on to something, or if you delay getting up to go to the bathroom because you don't want to move, or if you are scared of living alone and falling then you absolutely can and should take this class.

This is a large group class.  Bookings are essential.

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