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Clinical Pilates

Pilates is a system of exercises using slow and controlled movements that are modifiable for people of all ages and abilities. 

Clinical Pilates is the targeted use of Pilates as therapy, by a qualified health professional. The method aims to reduce pain, and improve posture, core strength, muscle control, balance, agility and flexibility. The premise is to strengthen and stabilise core muscles and to educate patients on correct movement patterns.  Pilates exercises can be performed on the ground (e.g. Mat Pilates) or on reformer machines.

What are the benefits of Clinical Pilates?

Pilates is low impact and gentle on the joints and the movements are slow and deliberate.  As such there is a form of Pilates suitable for all abilities.

At Well Over 40, Clinical Pilates is used by the physiotherapists from Fizzio for Life or our exercise physiologists as a part of your overall therapy.  We use it to help you activate specific muscles, retrain or strengthen specific movement patterns, alleviate joint dysfunctions or aid in your recovery from injury or illness.  It is also useful to correct posture.

The exercises can be performed on a Pilates chair, reformer or on a mat on the floor.  They are suitable for people that cannot sustain high impact on their joints, or who need to increase their core strength.  Clinical Pilates can be particularly beneficial for those that suffer from back pain.

This is a medium group class, with a maximum of 8 participants.  An individual assessment is required before attending.  Bookings are essential.

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