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Empower Hour:  Women only class

It's empowerment time for all the women out there that have given up on movement and exercise!


This small class is for women only because women face a unique set of health issues as we age including the risk of osteoporosis, heart attacks, strokes and other serious conditions. Plus we always put ourselves last! It's time to empower yourself to feel differently about your body, and prepare it to escort you through the next few decades of your life in a safe and supportive environment.

What kind of exercises will I do? 


The exercises in these classes vary depending on the participants in each session. You may do some circuit work involving wall push ups, step ups, dumbbells, other resistance training, and walking. There is a maximum of five participants in this class. You are closely supervised and your program adapted according to your capability. And did I mention - age appropriate music? It’s Hammertime….

Is this class suitable for me?  


If you are a woman, yes.  You will need to be assessed individually by the exercise physiologist or physiotherapist before starting in the small group classes.  This ensures you are placed at a safe and appropriate level for you. There is a maximum of five participants in this class.

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