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Start Moving Well - Gentle exercise classes

Are you losing strength in your body because you have been inactive due to illness or injury, or just because ‘exercise’ scares you off? This class is designed to re-introduce you to movement - something your body is designed to do, and as an added bonus - it’s fun!

What kind of exercises will I do? 

Fun ones! This is a gentle exercise class that goes for 50 minutes. The class is mainly conducted on a seat. The exercises included a range of movement exercises and some gentle cardio and resistance exercises.


You may use therabands, balls, small weights and other items during this class, depending on your ability. There may be up to 10 participants in this class. You do not need an individual assessment prior to commencing this class, but please let us know if you have any significant health issues.

Is this class suitable for me? 

This class suits people new to exercise or who haven't exercised for a while, people with mobility and balance issues, people recovering from heart attack, gastric band surgery or other health or surgical issues. There may be up to 10 people in this group.

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