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Hydrotherapy is a form of therapeutic exercise that is done in the water.  It is a safe and effective treatment for all kinds of injuries, particularly injuries that are aggravated by weight-bearing.   The water can help to relieve some pressure on joints and make it easier and less painful to move them.   


The physics of being in warm water and bouyancy can assist certain movement patterns and provide resistance for others.  What do you get when you combine this with the expertise of a university-trained health professional, who is in the water with you?  A safe form of rehabilitation or low impact exercise that helps mobilise stiff and sore joints and muscles.

What kind of exercises will I do? 


The pool is a great place to perform exercises particularly if you are struggling with joint pain or painful movements. You might do simple walking or stepping exercises, or some resistance work with your arms and legs as they gradually get used to movement following surgery or injury.

Is hydrotherapy suitable for me?  

You will need to be assessed individually by the exercise physiologist or physiotherapist before starting hydrotherapy.  This ensures that you are competent in the water and that you can participate safely.  Our hydrotherapy sessions are held at the Gould Adams Pool and Kingston and the cost of pool entry is not included in the price.

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