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'Moving Better but not quite like Jagger' - Intermediate Exercise class

Those of you that participate in the ‘Moving Better’ group may have already started some gentle exercising or doing walking programs may benefit from this group, or you may be ready to transition from the ‘Start moving well’ class or a heart program and be looking to step it up a little.

What kind of exercises will I do?  

This exercise class is a progression from the gentle exercise class and also goes for 50 minutes.  Only some of the exercises may be conducted on a seat. The movements are faster, and the cardio and resistance exercises are performed at a harder level. There may be up to 10 participants in this class and participants will mostly perform similar exercises depending on ability.  *Note, we do not guarantee that you will be able to move like Jagger if you participate in this class!

Is this class suitable for me? 

If you have been attending the gentle exercise class for a while, or if you had a reasonable degree of activity before your illness or surgery, you may be quite comfortable starting at this level.  There may be up to 10 people in this group.

A letter of clearance to exercise from your GP may be requested before starting.

Bookings are essential.

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