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So Strong I'm Dangerous:  Hour of Power

Do you want to be able to keep up with the grandkids or your teenagers? Pick them up, swing them around without worrying that you are going to break yourself in the process? Do you want to beat your mates at bowls, but the legs are ‘getting a bit weak at the knees’? Then you need your muscles to work!  Resistance training has also been proven to have significant benefits for bone health, so this class is also suitable for men and women suffering from osteoporosis.

What kind of exercises will I do?  


The exercises in these classes are mainly resistance exercises using a variety of weights, dumbbells, pulleys and bands.  The focus is on the development of core muscle groups that help to maintain a strong body and improve functional movement.

Is this class suitable for me?  


You will need to be assessed individually by the exercise physiologist or physiotherapist before starting in the small group classes.  This ensures you are placed at a safe and appropriate level for you. There is a maximum of five participants in this class.

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