Travel Well Class

This is a class we are very excited about.  Most of us dream of travel, but sometimes our body lets us down.  Travelling in the plane is hard on our backs, we have to lug suitcases around, there's endless steps and uneven ground to traverse, or you may be a Grey Nomad - hitching up vans, packing and unpacking your chairs and other gear, putting up awnings and getting down boats. 


Either way, travel takes a toll on our bodies, and if we are unprepared it could lead to injury.  Our class is designed to prepare you for your trip of a lifetime.  You'll be forming a community of like-minded travellers in this course as well.  It is optimal that you start this class at least 12 weeks before your trip, but starting at anytime will also have benefits.

What kind of exercises will I do? 


The exercises are numerous and varied. There is agility, strengthening, practising lifting and loading, and balance combined.  All the movements are designed to mimic situations you will face during your trip.

Is this class suitable for me?


 You will need to have an individual  or couple session with the exercise physiologist before starting this class so that we can determine your individual program to suit what you are trying to achieve.  This class is a little bit larger - a maximum of 8 - to allow for any couples that want to attend.

You will need to have an individual assessment prior to attending this course so we can ascertain your goals and health history.    Bookings are essential for this class.

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